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Sable Blue Eyed Boy
A New Addition to the Royalty Family?
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Sable Blue Eyed Boy

Hello everyone...
Unfortunately our Blue Merle Girl did not test out clear.  :-(

We did however find a White factored - Rough Coat, Tri factored Sable - Blue Eyed - N/E Non Carrier boy that will be joining our ranks in a couple weeks.  We are so excited to have him.  No name has come to me as of yet, but STAY TUNED!!!

A New Addition to the Royalty Family?

I have been in search of the perfect Blue Merle Collie.  I have found many beautiful sables, sable-meriles, Tri, and mixed collies, but not the old fashioned perfectly marked silver beauty... UNTIL TODAY. 
We have found our new Blue-Merle Girl.  She is a beauty from Alabama.  After several conversations with a wonderful breeder, asking questions about her history, her now home, and her family, I am confident and excited to report an agreement has been reached.  We are waiting on her eye test.