Royalty Collies of Cedar - Queens - Cedar, MN

Our Calli girl is growing up.  She is now 4.5 yrs. old and her manners and regal stance really shows she is Royalty.
Callie is a FWF,FC, LTT.  She is CERF Certified Normal Eyed.

Princess Callidora at 1 yr. old

She is the daughter of Royalty's Majestic Alexia & Stirling's Lad of Lassies.

Callie has been donating her time to warm the hearts of Seniors all over Minnesota.  Her soft touch and kisses has made and will continue to make our loving grandparents smile as she spreads her love.
Callie is not yet been retired but is taking a sabatical to give love and joy to anyone she visits.  We plan one more litter from our Gracious Princess in 2016.


Royalty's Duchess Annalisa Orion
Anna was born July 26, 2013.  She is a mirrored image of her mother (Princess Callidora and King Titan Blue) in looks as well as manner.  She is the most calm puppy I have ever had.  She will make a wonderful mother when she comes of age to breed.  We are so happy that we were able to keep her.

She is the daughter of Royalty's Princess Callidora and Royalty's King Titan Blue.

She not only inherited the look of her mother, she also inherited her mothers and fathers sweet disposition and her personality is a wonderful gift.  We look forward to her litters in 2015.

Anna is a Normal Eyed - CARRIER


Royalty's Lady Halo of Sage
Sage is a grand Sable White collie.  She has the sable face markings and a small mark by her tail, otherwise she is all white.  She inherited her fathers light eyes (one of them is blue the other amber) and his soft full hair.  She is our son's pup and she goes with him everywhere.  She is an excellent traveler and makes friends wherever she goes.
She is a great addition to the Royalty family.  She will make some exceptional pups once she becomes of age to breed.

Sage is a Normal Eyed - NON CARRIER

She is the daughter of Royalty's Princess Callidora and Royalty's King Titan Blue.


Introducing our new beautiful sable girl to Royalty Collies.....

Royalty's Shirley's Honey Bliss - 
Bliss is a light sable girl with full white front, large full white collar, and large tip tail.  she has the Amber eyes, and honey color from her father, Royalty's King Titan Blue, and the sweet disposition of her mother, Royalty's Princess Callidora.

Bliss at 6 Weeks Old
Bliss at 6 Weeks Old
Bliss at 6 Months Old
Bliss at 6 Months Old

We look forward to her litters in late 2016.  However, there is an opportunity for our beautiful Bliss to become a Mascot for an Academy Sports Teams.  Stay Tuned!