Questions about purchasing  your new Puppy
Q. Are you able to transport your Collies anywhere in the U.S.A., Canada, or Int'l?
A. Yes, we regularly use the airlines and/or ground transportation. Sometimes this is dependent upon the destination and/or weather as to which way we will deliver your puppy. We desire to provide the safest route possible, with the least amount of stress for your new Collie. We also provide delivery ourselves for a fee, and do meet families en-route on occasion.

A puppy is required to be at least 8 weeks old for air transportation.

Q. Is my deposit transferable if I should change my mind and want a different puppy?
A. Yes, the deposit is transferable to any of our puppies/adult collies.

If you change your mind after reserving a puppy, there will be a $100.00 non-refundable fee. Please make sure you are looking for a puppy before putting a deposit down on one. If you are a minor, I require the parents to notify me that the purchase is approved. We have placed certain policies in force within our business, to assist us in placing our puppies into "forever" homes. If every family was to place a deposit down on an upcoming litter, or puppy, and then change their mind because "another puppy came along sooner from somewhere else", or "decided to wait", (for examples), a lot of additional work is then required to find new loving homes for the puppy(ies) left behind. We plan our breedings around families that are on our wish lists. This is one of the reasons that I have a FAQ's page to assist families before purchasing a puppy. Our desire is for each family to be "sure about their decision, and committed to their puppy" once deciding on purchasing one from an upcoming litter, or one that is already available.
Q. I don’t want to take possession of my puppy at 7 weeks old. Can I wait until it is a little bit older?
A. Yes, however, the puppy will need to paid in full and there will be a $7 per day charge to care for the puppy, unless other arrangements have been made.  NOTE: THIS DOES NOT PERTAIN TO PUPPIES BEING HELD FOR AIR TRANSPORTATION.

Q. What is included in the cost of my puppy?

A.  All our puppies will come with:
1.  A full round of worming (2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks (the 8th week we give to you to administer) Pyrantal Pamoate for large roundworms and hookworm.
2.  A complete 6 week puppy health exam that includes a signed document from the vet in regards to the health of your puppy.
3.  6 Week puppy shot - Vanguard 5 which includes - Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus - Modified Live Virus Leptosira Bacterin (4 strains) - Killed Virus
4.  Copy of Dame and Sire lineage along with a copy of their CERF certification of the health of their eyes regarding Collie Eye Anomaly.
5.  Great tips of do's and don'ts on training your puppy.  From the first 48 hours to how to potty train, how much to feed your puppy, how to acclimate your new puppy to their new home, and much more!

Other test that are available and you may want to consider if you planned to breed your puppy....

CERF Certification - This is a test done by a Ophthalmologist to check for Normal Eyed and Collie Eye Anomoly.
The cost for the exam varies on how many puppies you have done at one time, average cost per puppy is $46.  This cost is NOT included in the purchase price of your puppy.  Once the test is performed by the Ophthalmologist, you will need to send in the form from your doctor to the Canine Eye Registration Foundation at the cost of $8 - $15 depending on the type of certification you are requesting.

DNA Certification - this test can be done by a cheek swab from your puppy and sent to an Animal Specialty Clinic that will perform the test.  We can discuss different locations and costs for this test if you so choose to have it done.  Average cost is about $200.

Q.  What is a Puppy Guarantee?

We Guarantee your puppies health once you take them to their forever home if you continue the same diet of NuVet supplements and NutriSource food.  Our complete Puppy Guarantee is outlined by clicking the Our PUPPY GUARANTEE page on your left.
We accept cash, paypal, Credit Card payments through Paypal account below, or cashier's check.  Please make your checks payable to Jacquelyn Cary. . We are sorry, we can no longer accept personal checks.  Email us for our complete mailing address. We are located in Cedar, Minnesota.
Several of our puppies travel out of state to their new home.  Below you will find a secure and convenient way to send funds for the purchase and travel expenses of your puppy. PLEASE NOTE:  THERE WILL BE A 2.5% CHARGE FOR USING PAYPAL AND/OR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS.