Royalty's Princess Callidora (Callie)
DOB:  July 12, 2010
Sable White, FC, FWF, 4WS, LTT
Normal Eyed - Carrier - Not Affected Optigen tested CEA/CH
Royalty's King Titan Blue (Titan)
DOB:  July 03, 2012
Sable Merle & White, LG FC, FWF, 4WS, LTT
Normal Eyed- Non Carrier - Full Optigen tested CEA/CH
Our Stunning Couple tied the knot at least twice at the end of May.  We are very excited to see what our results may be.  Titan's lines have sable, tri, and blue merle.

Callie gave birth on July 26th, 2013   She started at 2:30 pm and completed at 10:30 pm.