Royalty Collies of Cedar is proud to be a participating member of the Collie Health Foundation (CHF)
Collie breeders and owners are working together to ensure a long and healthy life for our Collies. 

CHF is a non-profit corporation raising funds for continued research and education for the future health of the Collie. 

Here at Royalty Collies were are working along side CHF and testing our dogs for optimum health.  We test our breeder collies for Collie Eye Anomaly and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).   This and with the help of our veterinarian, we are sure not to sell an affected pup.

Please be sure to check with your breeder, pet store, or anyone that you may purchase a collie from. 

There is more in depth information via CHF website and we address many of these questions in our Q & A tab on your left.

If you would like to join or donate to help fund these continued effort for our collies.  Please click here.