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Adult Collies available for adoption

This is Caesar.  He is 5 years old and is looking for a forever home.  Caesar is 5 years old and loves his people, especially children.

He is a healthy loving boy that was living in town with his other family but did not like the dog next door and would bark.  Due to city ordinance he is not able to do that, so instead of debarking him, his family has chosen to have Royalty Collies rehome him.  Caesar is one of Royalty Collies pups from Star and Titan.  He has excellent lines and is AKC registered.

If you are interested in Caesar, please contact us as soon as possible so he can begin his new life with his new family. 

Thank you.
Royalty Collies of Cedar

Royalty Collies of Cedar did not and would not place one of our beloved collies on Craig's list.  A previous owners placed an add on Craig's list without our knowledge or consent along with stating that they were going to euthanize her if someone did not take her.... This is NOT Acceptable!