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Royalty's Honey of A Prince  

Prince is my father's collie.  He is 4 years old and loves the outdoors with the wind in his hair.  My father has moved and is unable to keep Prince at his new home.  We have had a loving family in Anoka that has been fostering Prince.  The environment where Prince would succeed and love would have possibly a large fenced in yard and perhaps a deck that he can oversee his Kingdom.  Prince also like to spend short periods of time with his family indoors.  His preference of family would be older children and/or adult interaction.

Below are some pictures and words from his Foster family....

A few words about dear Prince….As we had the absolute pleasure to take care of this beautiful boy, I wanted to let any prospective owners know that Prince is an amazing dog!  He is sweet, loving and very obedient.  He is good with people, even when he first meets them.  He is eager to please and very well behaved.  He LOVES to be outdoors and rides well in the car.  Prince took to my family right away, (one daughter and two sons) and he will make some lucky family a WONDERFUL pet!  

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